Investigation and Support

HMRC will never raise a tax investigation against your account unless they believe they have enough reason to do so. To deal with HMRC tax investigation can be extremely daunting.

Well, not anymore. Our experienced accountants at Edmonds Accountancy Ltd can handle HMRC enquiries and make the whole process easy and less stressful. If you are not well informed about HMRC dealing with your tax investigation case, talk to our expert accountants in Reading today.

We can provide you with complete information and rightly advise you to deal with the procedures. If you cannot submit a report at HMRC because of a missing account or failed to analyse the current accounts, we will help to create one for you. Our team is here to deal or can advise you on how to deal with the HMRC enquiries, tax disclosures and tax disputes. We can also create a professional representation for tax investigation compliance.

Our team will support you:

  • When a tax investigation is opened against you
  • During the course of the tax investigation
  • Negotiating a settlement with HMRC
  • Helping you to present the correct accounts to HMRC
  • Completing all formalities of the tax investigation
  • Paying your tax bill
  • Professional advice and support to deal with HMRC


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